Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


            The Discipline Committee has been  constituted to ensure discipline in  classrooms and campus and for conducting enquiry on violations if any and recommending suitable punishments to violators. Any serious misbehavior on the part of  students reported by the members of the staff or other students may be referred to the Discipline Committee by the Principal. The Committee has the power to summon any staff or student and collect evidences from him/ her. After proper enquiry the Committee will make necessary recommendations to the Principal/Appellate Committee. The Staff Council/Appellate Committe will have the final authority to decide upon the nature of the punishment.
Chairman      : Principal
Members : Mr. Vinayakumar M.G (Dean. Academic)
                : Mrs. Roney Rose (HOD of Comerce)
                : Mrs. Reseena Mol N.A  (HOD of Computer Applications)
                : Mrs. Asha N.K ( Dept. of  Management)