Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


? Members on entering should record their details in the  Register.
? Members must carry their Identity cards to gain entry and use
   the library and must produce it when required to do so by an
   authorized person. The card must be used only by the member
   to whom it is issued.
? Silence must be observed in and around the library. All types of
   combine studies and group discussions are prohibited in the
    library. The use of mobile phones  in the library . is prohibited 
? Members are not allowed to sub-lend the books of the Library or
   transfer the use of the privileges of their tickets.
? Members shall not bring personal belongings and library books
   issued to them inside the library. Adequate storage facilities have
   been provided at the entrance to the Library.
? The Principal reserves the right to suspend the membership of
   any member who is found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or
   behaving in an indecent manner.
? A member shall not keep a book for more than a fortnight. If a book
   is not returned before its due date, a fine of Rs.10/- per book per
   day including holidays will be levied. A document issued maybe
   renewed up to one time provided, if there is no reservation.
? Absence from college will not be accepted as an excuse for not
   returning the books in time.
? Those who lend books from the library are not expected to make
   any markings or underlining in the books and periodicals
   belonging to the library. Tearing of pages from books/ any damage
   caused to any page/book will be viewed as serious matter.
? No current issues of periodicals and journals can be issued to
   members. Back numbers of periodicals may be taken home on
? No document shall be returned on the day of issue.
? All members of the staff and students of the college are members
  of the library and are entitled to borrow books.
? Strict silence should be observed in the library area.
? The student must satisfy himself as to whether the book issued
   to him is in good condition and if it is not, it should be brought to
   the notice of the Librarian. For all damages to books noticed at
   the time of their return to the library the borrower will be held
   responsible and he should pay the cost of the replacement.
? All markings, underlining etc. on books are punishable with a
   fine or with replacement or both.
? Books cannot be sublet. Those who violate this rule will be severely punished.