Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


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NSS is an all India service scheme initiated by the Union Ministry of Education for mplementation in colleges affiliated to all universities in India. It is voluntary and selective. It promotes social awareness among the students and train them to respond to social problems and sets them to serve the society and the nation. It has been introduced in colleges and universities all over India as per the recommendations of Kothari Commission, a Statutory Commission appointed by the Govt of India.
Chairman                                                    : Principal
Programme Officer                                : Mr.Sreejesh C.S(Asst. Prof. Dept. of Management)
                                                                               :        Mr.Pranav Prakash(Asst.Prof Dept.of Commerce)
Assistants                                                : Mrs. Smitha Mohandas(Asst. Prof. Dept. of Commerce)
                                                               : Mrs.Shilda Thomas Prof. Dept. of Commerce)
Members of the Advisory Committee     : Mr.Vinaya Kumar. M.G (Academic Dean)
                                                               : Mrs Roney Rose K.F (HOD. Dept. of Commerce)
                                                                               : Mrs Asha N.K (HOD. Dept. of Management)
                                                                               : Mrs Reseena Mol N.A (HOD. Dept. of Computer Applications)
                                                               : NSS Volunteer Secretary
                                                               : Member of the ward, Kunnukara Panchayat